Madeleine Kessler Architecture


The Garden of Privatised Delights (Catalogue)

The Garden of Privatised Delights catalogue is envisaged as a manual to help communities and the public to reclaim privatised public space. The publication brings together essays, conversations and advice from communities, stakeholders, funding bodies, landowners, policy makers, architects and urban designers to provide tangible ways that we can make public space more inclusive. The role of this manual is to collect ongoing research around the important topic of privatised public space, as well as to give the public greater agency over their spaces. Through this, we aim to generate a much wider conversation around privatised public space and how it can be better designed going forward.

Photogaphs: Tomas Adank

Graphic Design: Kellenberger White

Copy-editor: Amy Frearson

Curators: Madeleine Kessler and Manijeh Verghese

Contributors: Adriana Cobo-Corey, Alastair Parvin, Anna Powell-Smith, Beth Stratford, BCL Solicitors, Brett Christophers, British Council, Built Works, DK-CM, Friends of the Joiners Arms, Gabu Heindl, Guy Shrubsole, GLA, Holger Schoneville and teenagers Theo and Newroz, Jules Pipe, Kellenberger-White, Liberty, Mark Freeman, Natalie Kane, the Porman Estate, Public Works, Publica, Studio Polpo, Suzanne Hall, The Decorators, Unscene Architecture, vPPR