Madeleine Kessler Architecture


Thamesmead Waterfront

Urban Orchestra is a group of creative and collaborative masterplanners, architects, landscape architects and engineers who came together to work on the competition for Thamesmead Waterfront. Our vision was to create a place where people would choose to live, work and play. We wanted to look at how development of the scale and density proposed at Thamesmead Waterfront could be humanised and focussed our work and our thinking around Nyla, a fictional young Thamesmead resident and pictured what this new area would need to do to support her, and her family and friends though all stages of her life and over the next 30+ years. This drove our thinking about place, space, play, homes, workplace, learning, culture, environment and planet, and what it is about places that make you want to live there and stay, whilst at the same time having the opportunity to learn, grow, be part of the community, and to have fun

The team included Tibbalds, Expedition, Haptic Architects and Mikhail Riches; with Create Culture; Gardiner and Theobald; Gibson Thornley; GS Solutions; Innovation First; Kjellander Sjöberg; LOLA; Madeleine Kessler Architecture; Mary Duggan Architects; Nick Elias Studio; Nordic – Office of Architecture; William Matthews Architects and ZCD Architects. The team was supported by Deb Khan.