Madeleine Kessler Architecture



Forestation is a proposal to rewild railway stations across the UK, creating an interface between community, climate and infrastructure for the 21st Century.

A modular canopy that can be scaled to fit different sizes of railway stations is proposed, creating two distinct, connected environments. Above the canopy, people will enjoy the wildness of a lush, wooded landscape open to the elements, with a community-powered garden. Below, the undercanopy will help passengers, workers and local communities use the station in ways they need while capturing data to optimise the space across the rail community.

Nature boosts our mood, cleans our air, and improves social cohesion, all while combating the climate crisis. The aspiration of Forestation is to set an example of regenerative design – that is going beyond zero carbon towards carbon capture by increasing the UK’s tree stock, increasing biodiversity and use of locally sourced sustainable materials. Each station will become a unique local landmark creating a habitat of native species. Local schools, businesses and residents will be engaged in co-creating distinct visual identity of the undercanopy as well as shape the programme and uses to meet the specific needs of each locality. Network-wide sensors capturing people occupancy and movement data will power interactive lighting displays and optimise network performance. By providing integrated infrastructure for commuters including safe and convenient cycle storage and cycle repair points, Forestation will also encourage fitness and wellbeing by promoting cycling. Each kit of parts forms a modular unit which can scale to form required size of station. Components are manufactured and pre-assembled off-site prior to delivery (in components sized and weighed for standard UK lorry transport) to a construction site for installation. Connection details quick and simple to connect on site. Cladding panels allow easy access for maintenance, parts replacement and change in style. A community-powered garden will boost local objectives like fresh food growing, supporting vulnerable people and nurturing biodiversity.

Collaborators: Annette Jezierska (The Future Fox), Petra Marko (Marko & Placemakers), Charlotte Mitchell (QUOD), and Sakthy Selvakumaran (BKwai)

Image Credit: Marko & Placemakers