Madeleine Kessler Architecture


Filling the Void

As a Visiting Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Madeleine led the Masters Studio “Filling the Void: the death and life of the great European high street”. Our students took a series of abandoned spaces along Kaiserstraße and tested what these could become through a series of installations, artworks and performances. Through these interventions the studio sought to analyse, consult, question and understand how we can allow our high streets to thrive, so that they can be places for everyone. We questioned the role of the architect to propose an alternative future for the spaces and buildings, historical and modern, left abandoned in the heart of our towns and cities today. In keeping with the idea that public space is the stage on which the life of the city is played out, the studio was organised into 3 Acts, each building upon one another. Act III (The Finale and The Beginning) brought together members of the community over a day-long performance. The students designed and curated the day, which included a series installations (Ghost Town, Synthes!zer, Unframe, Unadvertised, Sensory Garden, Patchworkshop) that evolved throughout the day to encourage different activities, promoting a dialogue between the school, students, city and public.


ASSISTANT Andjela Brasanc

STUDENTS Carlos Gallego Costa, Hannah Verena Krohmann, Freia Prager, Alexandra Rodriguez Guim, Saverio Haaß, Mariia Emelina, Aline Lang, Tim Reichert, Alvaro Pozo Perez, Karja Stefanie Hildebrandt, Joan Arnold, Oliver Leitzbach, Anne Jensch, Alba Arevalo Castro, Clement Potier, Felix Booz


PHOTOS Steffen Kunkel