Madeleine Kessler Architecture


Exquisite Corpse Skyline

Exquisite Corpse Skyline was a Masterclass for the National Saturday Club in Hull, which Madeleine was invited to teach in collaboration with Manijeh Verghese. Tying into Hull’s 2017 City of Culture “Look Up” installation which is designed to challenge people’s perceptions and offer different ways to experience the city, this workshop started with the surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse. Here, Madeleine and Manijeh asked students to generate multi-authored structures generated by combining fragments of Hull’s existing architecture as well as any additions they might want to add to or draw on top of. These spatial constructs were then aggregated together to form a new skyline for Hull, and will serve as the inspiration for students to build their future vision for Hull as body-scaled wearable buildings to set against their new collective skyline.

The National Saturday Club gives 13-16-year-olds across the UK the opportunity to study subjects that inspire them at their local university, college or cultural institution. It offers free expert creative tuition to 10,000 young people across the UK. With an emphasis on discovery, experimentation and nurturing creativity, Saturday Clubs heighten young people’s enthusiasm for learning, and can raise their aspirations for their future. A key feature is the engagement of professional practitioners to lead Masterclasses for Club members. Every Masterclass is unique but all encompass an introduction to the professional’s personal education and career journey. Club members take part in a practical workshop, in which they can apply the skills and techniques they’ve learned in their Saturday Club. The Masterclass experience can be the moment where young people realise that their passions and interests have the potential to develop into fulfilling and rewarding careers.

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Image Credit: National Saturday Club