Madeleine Kessler Architecture


30 Objects In 30 Days

Madeleine was invited to contribute to the London Festival of Architecture's 30 Objects in 30 Days, as one of 30 leading architects, designers, curators, writers, journalists and leading thinkers to nominate one object that they feel represents power and architecture.

Madeleine nominated the public toilet, as an object that is vital in allowing access to the city and countryside away from our homes, without the fear of being caught short. When accessible and well designed, the public toilet empowers us by allowing the freedom to explore and use public space on our own terms. Yet there is nothing in policy to protect the public toilet and with a lack of funding councils are closing them at an alarming rate. Find out more in the video here.

Top Image: Queue for the ladies toilets Summer 2020. Photograph by Madeleine Kessler

Bottom Image: To-i-let exhibit by Madeleine Kessler & Manijeh Verghese at the Building Centre. Photograph by Tomas Adank