Madeleine Kessler Architecture


Kings Cross W3

Whilst at Haptic Architects, Madeleine worked on Kings Cross W3, a cross-laminated timber building for Argent in Kings Cross, which will be used as a nursery, café and gym.

Kings Cross W3 is part of the W Zone, a triangular site off York Way and Randell’s Road, which features three mixed-use buildings arranged around a central publically accessible garden. W3 is a 1,500m² three-storey mixed-use building, designed with a cross-laminated timber structure, solar panels and a green roof. The café entrance from York Way has been pulled back, allowing for a small covered seating area which spills out into a stepped garden terrace. The primary entrance is also angled in from the facade, with filigree brass fins providing a decorative highlight to lead the eye into the building. By using timber for both the structure and the cladding, the design enhances the promotion of well-being that is at the heart of the programme, as well as providing a tactile and sustainable building material that allows the scheme to stand out amongst its much larger neighbours. Find out more about Kings Cross W3 here.

Image credits: Haptic Architects